Texas Gun Law: Armed And Educated

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Texas Gun Law: Armed And Educated $29.95

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From the authors:

Every day, gun owners across Texas have to use their firearm in self-defense. As a good gun owning Texan, crime or worse could happen to you anytime, anywhere. After talking to gun owners all over the state, we found that one area where they weren’t sufficiently prepared is knowledge of the law. It’s our mission to change that.

As an organization of over 100,000 Texas gun owners, we’ve seen time and time again that a good gun owner can end up in serious legal trouble. We’ve seen members go to jail for breaking laws they didn’t know existed. We’ve seen members get arrested for laws that don’t exist. If you own a gun, you absolutely need ‘Armed and Educated.’ This is the authority and resource for Texas gun law. Don’t settle for anything less!

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