Frequently Asked Questions about CHL / LTC in Texas

My concealed handgun license has expired, and my renewal application is in process. Can I carry a concealed handgun while I am waiting to receive my new license?

No. You must have a currently valid license in your possession to carry a handgun as a license holder. 

What does "concealed" mean?

"Concealed" means that the weapon cannot be visible, and that its presence cannot be discernible through ordinary observation. It is a criminal offense for a license holder to carry a handgun in plain view, or to intentionally fail to conceal the weapon.

Can I carry a handgun if I am drinking alcohol?

"Carrying" while drinking is not prohibited, but it is a criminal offense to carry while intoxicated.

Do police officers have the right to disarm me?

Yes. If a peace officer reasonably believes a safety risk exists, the officer may disarm you.

Do private property owners have the right to exclude license holders from their property?

Yes. Private property owners may give notice excluding license holders from carrying concealed handguns. If you carry a concealed handgun on posted properly, you can be charged with criminal trespass by a license holder. The charge is a Class A misdemeanor, and if you are convicted, your license will be revoked.

If I am a legal resident alien, can I get a license?

It depends. A resident alien who has been admitted to the U.S. under an immigrant visa category will generally be eligible for a concealed handgun license. However, under federal law, an alien who has been admitted to the U.S. under a non-immigrant visa usually is not qualified to purchase a handgun and thus is not eligible for a license. If you legally reside in Texas and were not admitted to the U.S. under a non-immigrant visa, you may be eligible.

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