2017 Texas Legislative Update

Sep 01, 2017

Texas Laws effective September 1, 2017

Reduced application/renewal fees

SB16 reduces original (currently $140) and renewal (currently $70) license to carry a handgun (LTC) application fees to $40 for most applicants.

Your LTC class completion certificate is valid for 2 full years from the completion date. Take your LTC class NOW (with us!) and submit an application to DPS now that fees are reduced.

The LTC class is one of only 3 simple steps to get your LTC. An applicant also completes the Texas Department of Public Safety's application online and a digital fingerprinting session at many convenient places around town.

Removed minimum caliber for handgun proficiency

SB263 removes the minimum required caliber (previously .32), which means you can now qualify with any handgun, including .22 caliber.

Allow school employees with LTC to keep handgun in vehicle

An amendment to SB1566 will permit school employees with a LTC to conceal their firearms and ammunition in their vehicle in school parking places. The school will no longer be able to prohibit their employees from doing so.

Less carry restrictions for volunteer emergency personnel

HB435 will allow volunteer emergency services personnel with a LTC to carry in some otherwise prohibited locations while engaged in official duties.

Texas State & U.S. Legislature

Hearing Protection Act of 2017

Earlier this year, we reported on a Texas-made firearm that caused Texas Legislators to take notice of Texas firearms law that was more strict than federal firearms guidelines. The Shockwave (on sale online now!, also in stock at the store) is marketed as a non-NFA weapon and the ATF has affirmed that classification for a similar model.

An amendment to Texas HB1819 will settle the issue on September 1, 2017 and result in greater firearms freedom for Texans by removing current restrictions.

This amendment also means that if federal H.R.367 - Hearing Protection Act of 2017 becomes law and removes firearm silencers from ATF regulation under the NFA, silencers will no longer be prohibited weapons under Texas Penal Code Section 46.05. Call and write to your federal congressional Representatives and Senators!

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