Frequently Asked Questions about Open Carry of a Handgun in Texas

Open carry started January 1, 2016.

Can I open carry on private property?

Yes, provided you have not received effective notice. A 30.05 & 30.07 sign will ban open carry, while the 30.06 sign will still apply to concealed carry for LTC. A business wanting to completely ban firearms is required to post all signs. However, if the owner requests removal of the firearm or asks you to leave the property, please respect his or her wishes. Failure to do so will result in the charge of Criminal Trespass and unlawful carry.

Do I give up my right to open carry a long gun if I get a license to carry a handgun?
No. There is no basis for this in law. Having or carrying a licensed handgun does not negate your right to openly carry a long gun.
Am I required to use a "retention holster?"

No. While we recommend a retention holster to better ensure that your firearm remains secure while carried openly, there is no requirement to have any specific holster.

I heard there is additional training for open carry. Do I need to retake the class?
No, Central Texas Gun Works has been teaching the new curriculum since August 2015. No additional training required for current CHL holders. We recommend attending our License to Carry a Handgun Class (LTC) or Legislative Update Class for an update or refresher.
I already have a CHL. Will I need to get another license to open carry?

No. Your concealed handgun license will "qualify" you to openly carry a handgun. Current CHL  holders will be grandfathered in as handgun license holders. Upon your next renewal, the title of your license will change to License to Carry Handgun and a new card will be mailed to you. 

Can my openly carried firearm be loaded?

Yes. The law makes no distinction between a loaded and an unloaded firearm. Treat every firearm as if it were loaded. 

What type of handgun will I be able to carry?

You may carry any type handgun you wish. If openly carried it must be in a holster

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